Amazing Elements

Amazing Opportunity

Network marketing compensation plans should be rewarding at all levels - from the beginner to the seasoned network marketer. Amazing Elements uses the power of binary compensation coupled with distributor incentives all along the way, making success not only achievable but also personally rewarding. We've combined seven of the very best elements in the network marketing pay plans and designed a compensation plan the way we think a plan should be - providing you a business opportunity unmatched in the network marketing industry.

Amazing Plan

7 Ways To Earn

  • Retail Profit Bonus
  • Preferred Customer Bonus - 10%
  • First Track Bonus - 10% - 25%
  • Dual Binary Bonus - 10%
  • Massive Matching Bonus - 8% & 7%
  • Personal Purchase Bonus - 10% 
  • Leadership Bonus

Amazing Elements leverages today;s most effective form of distribution - relationship marketing. With this person-to-person approach backed by a world-class e-Commerce platform, you can share the borderless benefits of the Amazing Elements independent business opportunity with others in your neighbourhood, your country, or anywhere around the world... and be rewarded for doing so. Your income is based on your sales and the products sales of those in the organisation you help create.